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The Superslim platform will help you quickly create an online course, training and nutrition programs, run a marathon for an unlimited number of people, automate the work with reports, nutrition, payment, and registration of participants. 💪🎯

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One platform — three types of services

Online marathons and courses

There are no restrictions, run from 2-day to 3-month marathons and courses for thousands of people.

Nutrition and training programs

Training and nutrition built on a ready-made base of products with the automatic individual calculation of calories, proteins, fats, and carbs.

Personal support

Detailed client profiles and a system of reports with measurements and photos

No more chaos and confusion

Superslim cuts the cost of online fitness courses by 10 times

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It's more convenient than ever to create courses for sale!

Create courses using ready-made templates in a few clicks:

  • Add pre-designed workouts and meals
  • Select running dates and dates of opening access to content
  • Set the price
  • Add description, and publish

Save training and nutrition programs as templates, group foods, and assign them to new clients automatically. 👏


A distinctive feature of the platform is the automatic calculation of nutrition for each participant. The user fills out the profile, and Superslim automatically calculates and selects the appropriate number of calories, taking into account the user's goals. There is no need to count everything on our own anymore: set the correlation between proteins, fats, and carbs of the original meal plan, and the numbers will be calculated by our algorithm.

Recipes: create your favorite recipes from 10,000 thousand products and ingredients. Search in the database: start typing the name and select from the drop-down list. Set the weight of the product and tap 'save'. Repeat with the rest of the ingredients and the recipe is ready to go.


Now it takes a few minutes to create programs and edit trainings. The day is divided into warm-ups, main exercises, and cool-downs.

Start typing the name of the exercise, select from the list, specify the number of sets, repetitions and rest. Change the order of exercises by dragging them over the list.

Creating a workout exercise is even easier: upload a video, add a title and description if needed. The exercise will be saved in the list and ready to be reused next time.

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The Superslim platform was created to free trainers from routine tasks and enhance the quality of their services. Our team perfectly understands the issues and how much resources are spent per client whether online or offline. Nutrition, training, reports: cut the time spent per client by 10 times, run large-scale marathons, provide more service, quality information, track progress and help clients achieve the best results with Superslim.


Deal with only important matters, and Superslim automates the routine!

Without Superslim
  • Calculation of nutrition and training using spreadsheets, videos, reports and communication in messengers
  • Receiving payment on a personal bank card, manual verification
  • The need to use third-party services, develop your own website
  • Manual calculation of calories, proteins, fats, and carbs for each client
  • Creating a training plan from scratch every time
  • Lack of statistics, reports are lost in the chat history
With Superslim
  • Direct participation of the trainer only in personalized programs
  • Unlimited number of participants with one trainer
  • Designing a training plan using ready-made templates and editing in 1 click
  • One control panel for all tasks
  • Automation of payment and registration
  • Automatic calculation of calories, proteins, fats, and carbs

What your client gets

Provide your clients with a convenient service and increase the cost of your work

Everything in one placePersonalizationResultsService
Everything in one place

New format of a workout diary. It's time to get rid of awkward notebooks and printed sheets with diets on the fridge. Now everything will be in one app and always at hand: at the grocery store, while training, during vacation, or at home

  • Exercise technique with videos
  • Daily training program
  • Precisely calculated nutrition program
  • Progress history with measurements and photos

Thanks to the convenience and ease of use of the platform, nothing will distract you from your workouts, and visual progress will help you stay motivated and continue to follow all the recommendations.🤘


Each user is unique: anthropometric data, activity, training, body type.

Superslim's own algorithm will calculate the exact number of calories, adjust nutrition automatically for each user individually. All they need to do is fill out a profile and provide reports.

If necessary, it is possible to make adjustments according to the calculation for each user separately.

No user will have the same nutritional program, even if they have the same height and weight, but different activities.



An alternative option for tracking progress is measurements. Keep track of the change dynamics and body modification in cold figures that will not hide the success of passing your course from noticing.


How does the body react to the nutrition and training manipulations? How much did the person lose or gain while training with you or other trainers? The main criterion for most people is the cherished numbers on the scales.


Creating additional value and service for clients will help raise the cost of service, as well as extend the work with the client by 2-3 times from the usual.

Every person who uses the services of a trainer value his time. Reducing the time for communication and a qualitatively new level will help them to appreciate the trainer's work to the maximum. The client will see a visual result, receive timely recommendations and get a system for achieving goals regarding physical shape and health.

Earn using your knowledge and help people in 6 easy steps



Register on the platform as a trainer and fill in your profile


Course creation

Create a nutrition and training plan and get a special link to access it in the app


Link posting

Post the link on your resources: social networks, website, chats


Going to your course

The user follows the link, downloads the app, and after this sees your marathon immediately.



The user pays for the product, register and joins your chat in the messenger


Course start

The money is transferred to your card, and the user gets access to the personal account in the app with the program you created.

Earn even more with our catalog of professionals


Superslim is a tool for the global fitness market development, so your courses will be visible to all registered users, not just to those you invited

We will bring clients to you. All you have to do is maintain high-quality services and get good reviews.

Now clients are not just fitness club visitors, social media followers, and acquaintances. Anyone from all over the world can become your client.🍏🥄👌

Who will more likely find the app useful?

While developing the app, we turned to the experience of different trainers and solved the main problems many of them face during work or organizing group courses or marathons.

Trainer in a fitness club

Competitive advantage of technologies and services offline

Creating programs, printing out standard meal plans, and communication in chats outside the club take a lot of time and effort. At the same time, clients can miss trainings and don't see the results, which affects trainer's reputation.
Working will become easier with Superslim.
All this can be done in one window, spending a tenth of the time than before, and clients will be delighted with the result. Hurry up to implement modern technologies into the offline training process before others do it!🍍

Personal trainer online

Organize your work and save 10 times more time

It is impossible to keep in mind, notes and chats all the information about remote clients, especially if their number is constantly growing.
If the loss of quality in such conditions is unacceptable for you, Superslim will help you to reasonably organize your work and spend 1 hour instead of 10 o it. You can spend your free time on new clients or education that you have been putting off for so long...👟

Organization of online marathons and fitness courses

1000 unique members and their results in one click

Create large-scale services so that each user feels unique thanks to the automatic calculation of nutrition and program adjustments depending on the data in the profile.

An intuitive interface and a clear algorithm of actions will help to reduce the number of questions in the chat and support, as well as get more high-quality results thanks to the reporting system.🏃‍♂️

Further even more

We are proud of Superslim's technology and features because no one else in the world has done this before. Our development team is working daily to update and improve the platform. We are just getting started, so we regularly release significant updates and additions.

Join us now on special terms and contribute to the fitness industry development with our team! Together, we will take the quality of the worldwide fitness services to a new level.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to register?

You must fill out the form to register.

After verification, we will provide you with access data and you can start working right away.

How much does it cost to use the platform?
Our interaction with the trainers is as friendly as possible, so your convenience is our priority. We do not charge any kind of fixed monthly fees, but we do charge a small 7.5% commission per transaction. Running free marathons is free of any charge for both you and your customers.
How to receive payouts?
To receive payments, you need to have a bank card and connect it to the platform, as well as to add payment information. Payment is made at your request or automatically when the amount reaches 3000 rubles. For Apple in-app purchases payments are done at the beginning of the calendar month for the previous one. This commission allows us to develop, constantly improve our platform for the convenience of users and trainers, and increase trainers' income.
Does Superslim help attract clients?

One of the most important features of our platform is the marketplace. Provide quality services, get good reviews, and getting new clients inside the platform will not take long!

How many people can you lead simultaneously?
The number of people is not limited both within the one service and in the app in general. Moreover, you can have up to 10 times more clients in one month, only by providing a higher level of service quality, without additional expenses like payment for administrator and curator services.


We care a lot about what our clients think of us.

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